2 in 1 False Eyelashes + Mascara 3D Fiber Makeup | Lengthening Eyelash

Delicate and deep eye makeup Lengthening Mascara Silk Fiber 2 In 1 Brand BIOAQUA Mascara Volume Express Double Effect Eyes Makeup Kit Long Lasting Maquiagm 2 In 1 Silk Mascara 3D Fiber Makeup Sets BIOAQUA Brand Lengthening Mascara Volume Express Naked Maquiagem Eyelash Extension Kit

Strong color not blooming,makeup lasting
Cleaning with warm water not hurt skin
Product name: Silk thick mascara 1+1 (mascara Combination suit) limited date: 3 years
Net: Thick lengthening mascara 10g silk eyelash fibre
Function: thick paste, thick brush head, brush length, curling, thick eyelash

Waterproof and sweat proof, not blooming, not broken the makeup
Brush the lengthening, thick contact lenses, charming eye makeup,
Delicate thick brush head, beauty makeup
Make up easily, care every angle.
How to use
First: basic- apply the eyelash mascara to the eyelash
Second: apply the eyelash fibre to the eyelash with mascara, make eyelash lengthen and curling
Third: brush some mascara from the root to tip again, make eyelash thick, create black lengthen 
cosmetic contact lenses.

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